Thursday, January 31, 2013

good start for the year

It has been a wet January but a fun one. Surfboards and art going through the shop and fun waves to try them in. Here is a few pictures of what has been going on...

Matt giving Keoki's new noserider litteraly a mat finish.

Resin art

New Jelly Fish resin art

our booth at Fresh Cafe's Art and Flea Event.

A lot of art going through these days

Good sand bars all month. Been living the dream hanging beachfront and trying out all kinds of boards.

Adventures with the new Two Crows Van.

Twinny deck

New Little Twinny

Blogger and inside slider Tara Ladyslider holding up a Welzie doodle of the "anatomy of a Ladyslider"

Spam Musubi resin art

The Good Kids arsenal

Always like having a few ladysliders around the shop. Think they were doing a sock photo shoot.

Found this post on instagram. Its an ad for the shapers that are going to work in a surf factory in France. Looks like they got some Crows flying over in September

Two Crows getting some love in the new INNOV8 magazine. The inflight magazine for Go Airlines.

Daniel Jones board we made for the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2013 that never ran. Oh well the board was done on time :)

Greg's 5 fin contraption with a little fish eat fish artwork.

Friday, January 18, 2013

It's a skippa

We stumbled on this great little video from a few months back that our friend Michael made. Nice work! 

We just made a couple copies of our friend Chris's 10'6" Skip Frye Eagle. We don't usually do copies of Trademark models of other brands... but it's hard to get a proper copy of that particular model out on this rock I hear. We had to wait a bit for the custom blanks to come in, but the finished product was worth it. Check out those Redwood side stringers. With Redwood, sometimes it comes really light and looks like cedar after it's glassed. But other times it comes in a much richer, almost black color. Always a roll of the dice, and it came up a winner on this board! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nine is fine

Our team rider Honolua stopped by our shop yesterday and picked up her custom art piece, "Nine is fine" ...count the toes ;)

Welzie in office... told you that mini was going to get some art. 
Vava's Dreamrunner. Fast and functional 
Vava and his New Asymmetrical
Hell yeah, love the 2 headed llama
In with the new out with the old. The fleet 
Years of fiddling with my planer has led me to just redesign the whole thing from scratch.
 We have a friend that can CNC cut all the parts for me... all I gotta do it is draw it. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Surf shots and the bare mini-mum

Couple of cool shots came in, first one is from our girl Izzy Walker surfing on the North Shore by Gil Hanada

 Second one is from our old friend Kyle Buthman in Nor-Cal by Ryan Craig. This one is part of a Surfline feature you can find HERE

Our buddy Greg wanted a Mini but dressed up like a normal shortboard, light glass and just a sanded finish. An all around board he can just throw in the trunk of his car. 

We added a quad setup to make it as versatile as possible... and then added another 5th fin that can be put in if extra traction is required in better surf. Seemed like a logical solution.

A nice deep double concave is not standard on the minis, but is added if the board will be surfed in good waves. This helps keep the tail from sliding around too much.

Lower, more shortboard-esk rails

Oh yeah. Rocket ship. :) I doubt Welzie's gunna let it out of the factory without some proper art with the pens though...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

logging bogging blogging

Back to blogging.

Take the CA Noserider, pull in the nose and tail and add a bit of a hard edge in the tail tip, and you have our Evo model. Pretty cool to see both of them with similar color schemes.

Here's a trippy asymmetrical board we're making for our friend Vava. He wanted something "funky" and so he got it. The template was just drawn from hand, the bottom contours are different on both sides and even the rails are different thicknesses.

Keep checking back for more pictures of this board for our friend Rosie. It's one of the current factory favorites... new ideas are always flowing.


This is another board for Vava. This little speed machine is a short version of one of our newer models, the Dreamrunner. It's a flat rockered pointy nosed single fin 8 footer meant solely for going fast down the line.

More to come tomorrow.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year

2012 was a big year for us and were looking forward to another. Dec was jam packed as Christmas rushes filled the shop along side a bunch of new resin paintings. Here is a couple pics over the last few weeks.

Here is a picture of the first couple pieces from the new Year. The series is going to be called "Part Animals"

Some full Freestyles in the shop

We suprised Owl Chapman with an appropriate christmas gift... an owl painting. Its fun havin a legend like him working in the shop. Plenty of old stories.

Jared @sacredarts dropped in on us when he came home from working at a tattoo shop in Lahina. He wanted to do a bit of work so we turned the office into a tattoo parlor.

A little Quadini Jared took back to Maui

We turned Coffee and Bong Hits into a FREE eBook check it out here

These works are currently showing at the Ong King arts center in Chinatown. The large middle piece was the first painting of the new year, telling the story up until the ball dropped.