Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Planer Mods

Carl's been modding the hell out his new Hitachi planer. Custom welded handle and new dust chute modifications. Check back for updates 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Merry Crowmas

Merry Crowmas! Two Crows Surfboards is doing one last batch of boards before the year is done. Get your orders in so you can wake up x mas morning with a new board. call or text 931 0845 or email at

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Printing and more

Spent the week surfing fun waves up here on the North Shore, making boards and printing hats. Not a bad life. The resin paintings have been coming along, here is a couple pieces I made hoping to get them up at Opal Thai's new restaurant in Haleiwa. So much for that idea, wanting to see a portfolio, I quickly get discouraged. I'm not that organized. Someday.
We got some new boards down at Surf Garage in Honolulu, a 9'3 Lady Log and a 9'10 CA Noserider, Full Freestyle along with a little 5'8 Mini Simms that looks so fun I almost kept it for myself.
Hats and stickers are now available from Two Crows. They will be available at our online store and Surf Garage pretty soon, but feel free to email us if you want one now and we will send it out.

"I Like My Rice Sticky Iky" 2' x 4'

"Fork VS. Chopstick" 2'x4'

"Roll Those Spring Rolls Tight" 3'x4'

"Chicken Curry In a Hurry" I have used this chicken before in another piece, but I like it, so I used it again. 2'x4'

The two Styles of hats we got, Freestyle and large Crows. Printed on Otto caps so you know they are good.

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers. Even though I am not a grom anymore I still Love stickers. We stepped it up and got some quality die cut stickers in both black and white in two sizes. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

And More Boards

Boards are being done left and right out of the Waialua Sugar Mill. Two Crows is located at the Third Stone Surfboard Factory right at the front of the mill. Feel free to come by and check out some of the boards we have in stock.

A pic carl enjoying his pile of foam
Phil's Single Fin Mellow

A stock Mini Simms for Surf Garage

Rima's Twin Keel Fish

Mark's Longboard

Mark's 6'8

John Coffy's Mosquito

John Coffey's Boards being glossed. Soon to be packed up and shipped to Australia.

The wall has grown to new proportions

More art comming out with every board...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boards boards and more boards

Lots of new boards coming out of the Santa Cruz Shop.
Here's the Art on Feli's board.

Kevin's new EPS/Epoxy Egg

Sam's new Mini Sims

Bottom of Sams Board... Nice red fins

Shogo's board before it gets shipped to Japan
Bottom of Shogo's board
Fin on Shogo's board

Cam's board was a lot of work, but worth it
Cathy Mayerhofer's new Sky blue Noserider
Cathy's also got a new shoe

Here's the bottom of the shoe, one of her favorite designs.
Lastly, Mark Bohn's 10' Noserider

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The best beer of my life

Roosters. Cocks. Chickens. Call 'em what you want, but I'll tell you one thing.
They're f**king annoying.
5:00 in the morning and they start up, calling out to the frying pan in my mind.
Apparently there's a farm next door, they raise Cocks. Fighting cocks to be exact. Seems to be a popular sport in Hawaii.
I can usually handle the early morning wake up call and squeeze my eyes shut for another couple hours to get a decent nights sleep.
Not this morning. I think it was the fact that I was up till 3:30 the night before. Not getting enough sleep makes me pretty annoyed. Getting only a couple hours really makes me annoyed.
Welzie stumbles in around 8:30. He's hung over. The tequila the night before didn't do him any favors either. Coors light and Tequila, some spicy mexican food, combined with a couple hours of sleep makes for an amazing way to start the day.
We have to get to the shop early. There's another shaper jockeying for the room I use. He gets in the way. Luckily He doesn't make the 5 am wake up call.
Fast forward. 9 hours and 40 minutes forward to be exact. Long day in the foam. Drinking a lot of fluids is a good idea when you're on your feet all day walking in circles in a hot room.
I didn't do that.
At least Welzie was kind enough to bring me lunch. One half of a chicken and some rice. He's a saint in my mind. I savored every bite of the greasy sweet revenge. I hoped it was a rooster... but somewhere deep down inside, I fear it was a hen... so sweet and succulent.
The sacrificial chicken still didn't cover the fact that I didn't consume enough fluids.
Drained. Dehydrated. Parched.
I air hose the dust off and stumble down the stairs. The whole day has gone to dark in the blur of 4 longboards.
I reach the refrigerator, silently praying that Welzie has stocked it with some freshies.
As I grab the coldest looking one- closest to the freezer section of the fridge I feel the frost come off in my palm.
The mountains are so dark blue, they're almost purple. Two-stage cold activated.
It's not frozen as I pop the top. You can always tell because they instantly froth over.
Liquid gold. It's gone in three gulps.
Worlds most refreshing beer. They can keep that trademark. I love you Coors Light. -Carl

Art Show Video - Aporia

Here is a video of the art show last week. The owner of the building lets us put on art shows in his vacant retail spots till they get rented out. Good for us and everyone else.

Friday, November 4, 2011

6 hours of daylight

"Oh crap..! Oh crap...Ohh crap!"
 Nicks hands are shaking. It's either because of the two cop cars that are parked along the side alley we just swerved down, the lack of registration stickers on the van that we are riding in, or the 3 cups of coffee he apparently decided to ingest before picking me up from the airport this morning. 
Probably a combination of all three.
We're now driving by the cops as inconspicuously as possible. The van has its wheels spray painted black and two giant crows painted on the sides. Super stealth. 
A guy owes us 280 bucks, we sold him a board back at the last Malibu contest, he told us to pick up the balance from him in Hawaii. Luckily I had his business card stuffed into a crack in the dash of old Bets back at home. Now Nick is intent on recovering the money. 
"Man we are running through the gauntlet right now..."
He's trying his hardest to keep a car following us in order to obstruct the view our plates from curious police officers. I'm fumbling with google maps on my phone, trying to hone in on our destination. 
Just an hour before, I was leisurely sitting on a plane as an aspiring business owner, chatting with Carol, an engineer from Lockheed Martin discussing everything from the meaning of life to the hydrodynamics of surfboard fins. Now I'm apparently on the lam with Nick. How life has its twists. 
After cutting down some side streets, we make it to our destination. Nick pulls over and directs me to hop out and find our guy. There's another cop car parked about 50 feet up from where I get out. 
"If I'm gone when you come out, I'm circling the block!" Nick mouths  through the window of the van as he points a shaky finger at the cop car in front of us. 
Running through the rain I scurry from shop to shop until I find the guy. Sitting in his thatch hut, Dave smiles when he sees me. "How'd you find me..." Are the first words out of his mouth. But he's got the money, awesome.
I say a fast thanks and run back out to the van. I've been in Hawaii for a total of an hour.
 A couple hours later and we're standing around talking to Andy. We'd give him employee of the year if we ran Fiber Glass Hawaii. This time, not only does he help us out with the normal blanks & materials, but comes out and gives us some tips on how to make the van run better. Quickly, we're assembling a cardboard and masking tape contraption to replace a missing part. He also makes a recommendation about the aesthetics of the grill on the van. A can of black spray paint is procured. 
As soon as we get on the road, we notice an increase in horsepower coming from the engine. Awesome.
After a stop at the shop to assess the next batch, we head down to Pupukea for a surf. I end up passing out on the beach. 2 hours of sleep the night before didn't keep me going all day. We've got a dinner party to head to, so it's great to get the rest.
I'm spacing out on the upcoming evening when the van sputters.
"Come on..."
Nick's got that steadfast look he gets when the going gets tough. Like he's trying to will old Betsy just 100 more feet, up the hill and to the gas station.
We coast onto the side of the road within plain sight of the gas station. No way we're going to push her up the hill. Luckily we keep a gallon of gas on board for this scenario.
I hop out and pour the gas into the tank.
The van doesn't start. Crap.
"Run up and grab another gallon of gas..." I figure this is a good idea, there's nothing else to try anyway.
I return and pour another gallon in. Still doesn't start. It's getting dark. The van's also hanging into the road. I doubt Nick has triple A. Dammit.
Under the van, I'm searching for the fuel filter with a flash light. Pulling off the hoses I notice that there is no gas getting to the filter. Must be an obstruction in the line... probably in the rusty old tank. I relay this revelation to Nick as I crawl out from under the van.
"ROCK THE VAN!" We both say this out loud together as we realize that it's our only chance of shaking whatever it is in the line, loose.
Nicks turning the engine over as we are shaking the van as hard as we can. Literally hopping up and down on the running board. Betsy sputters a little and gives us the hope we need. We're hopping as if our lives depend on it. The engine catches and comes back to life. High fives and hoots all around.
We make it to the dinner party with stories to tell.  The food is amazing. Our friends are awesome. Life is good. -Carl

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art Show

The stock pile of booze for the bar.

We pulled of our 14th art show this past friday night at the old Circus Gallery. It was a bit last min and a lot of work but we made it happen. Some nice work was shown by Duncan Cambell, Aaron Loyd, RED, and Christen Vidonavic. The art show openings usually turn into a slosh fest and this one was no different. Staying up to the wee hours on red bull vodkas, it got pretty hilarious for the last few standing. A halloween costume by Steve from Third Stone led to a gallery covered in toilet paper. His costume was the king of shit talking and had a toilet paper neckless inspired by one of the pieces I had up in the show. Here is some pics of the new resin paintings I have been doing.