Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shark Sculptures

We wanted to make a shark sculpture for an up coming art show, so Carl got some old blanks together and sculpted up a 7' Tiger Shark. We proceeded to give it a Full Freestyle and a gloss polish. A Hammerhead is already in the works.

Here it is finished in the Pangeaseed art show at The Box Jelly

Hot Coated

Fins on. 9 fins are not easy to sand

The laminated body

Carl shark Sculpting

The new blank and a start to something new

Longboards, shortboards and Mini

Here is a few photos by Keoki of Kaiwi on the sandbar the other day.

We have a couple stock Quadinis for sale at the factory if anyone is interested

Tara's Lady Slider

Two Headed llama

Johnnys board
  A HP model

 The Raggamuffin

 Carl keeping close track of the weights of the more high performance boards

Kaiwi again at the Waimea bay river mouth

 Erics little experiment...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Surfboards and more surfboards and other stuff

Were heading to Australia in a week so the shop has been humming with boards of all shapes and sizes . here is a few pictures if you havent been following us on instagram

Kaipo enjoying his 22

Uske from Japan stoped by the shop and nabbed a few pictures

This was the first Welzie piece of the new year. 

Carl Olsen and a new Quadini

Some painting action at the R/P for Pow Wow Hawaii

Kaiwi new board

Matt Hot coating. Photo by Keoki

Two Crows spotted in the Chinatown Newspaper for the Art and Flea event

Couple new boards

Some more shortys

Carls new board for Australia

Johnny's new board he will be taking back to maui

Carl found this picture of nick when he was just a baby... somehow ended up in an ad