Friday, February 15, 2013

Art Show Tonight in Kakaako

Come down tonight to check out some WELZIE resin art at the Pangeaseed art show at Box Jelly in Kakaako.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hollywood Shark Bite

 Eric  came in last night with a old Clark Foam windsurf blank he scored before it ended up in the dump. After a lot of doodling, Carl just started hacking at it. No template and no measuring. It was pretty nuts watch him sculpt this beast of a blank into a rideable device.

 tuning in the bottom V...  More to come on this new board.

Hollywood called again, this time for a surfboard with a shark bite out of it. After a little Googling around we found that we needed a good 24" radius for a 15' Tiger Shark. Sketchy. Here is Carl cutting up an old resin drum.

Some makeshift teeth.

Uncle Owl didnt know what to make of this shark bite contraption. We rolled the van up the wood to give the bite some crunch.

About 5 min after the bite we got a call from Hollywood that the bite was not supposed to be a fatal bite. oops

Carl with the fake jaw

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beach Birds

Some beach birds down at Pipeline.

 Sustainable Coastlines is holding a fundraiser event this weekend and we are so stoked to be a part of it. Here is some of the art being donated to the auction.

A quick doodle before hitting Brooke's new board with some raggadoodling

Eric working the inside bowl at Chuns a while back. Photo by Keoki

Brooke's board getting doodled

And Craig Riely found some Coors light in Panama, and looks like some grass too ;)

We told Craig to send us a photo of him going over the falls so he sent this one of him kicking out in a wetsuit. Lost in Texation

Some pieces in the Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pro Bowl Commercial

Last year we had a film crew come into the shop and take some footage of the surfboards and art. This past week we started getting texts saying Two Crows was seen on commercials for Oahu during the Pro Bowl. We ill try and find the actual commercial and put it up. Making Mum proud...