Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How To Build A Surfboard by WELZIE

Here is a little Zine we made to explain the ins and outs of building a surfboard. 72 pages of doodles...

25 Limited edition real life magazines available through Welzies site come with an 8 x 11 Original doodle over one of the original pages of the book. They are  90$ and include shipping
click here

here is the link to a free ebook version of the Zine

 The book was made by doodling the process of building a surfboard from getting a blank to polishing it out.

How to drop in a fin box

The Doodles were put into the computer then layered over the painted backgrounds. Each page is different.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Newish boards

Here is some Freestyles we did a bit ago...

Factory makeovers

So its a new year... well almost a quarter way through it. But we decided to get a bit more organized and re did our shop a little. Here is what it looked like yesterday.
 New roof racks
 a bit more workspace
 4 rack system
 beer fridge and art
This may look unorganized, but this is extremely dialed in for us

Rippen and Trippen

Kaiwi Berry getting barrled...again

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A quick video featuring our good friend Kat with her Two Crows board in a promo vid for Evolution Fresh.

Evolution Fresh (Director's Cut) from Josh Soskin on Vimeo.