Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Art shows and all that

Here's great tribute to our recently passed friend Kirk aka Fanta that drew toonz did this past week. 
It was part of a bit of an art show we recently participated in at the factory. Welzie's perched up on this ladder painting a few complementary astrix
We got the yellowfin finished up too.
And some boards too. I don't have any pics on my phone from the show tho... boo. Maybe Welzie does. Check back tomorrow. :) -Carl 

Santa Crows

Every year we swear that we're not going to yield to Xmas rush requests... And every year we end up doing a bunch of Xmas rush boards. Santa Crows 
I really liked this board, it's our midrange board scaled down to an 8'10" for Tayna. She's got it figured out. Contact us a month and and half or so before your surf trip to hawaii and have a board waiting for you when you get off the plane. Screw bringing your boards from home. Smart girl.
Lastly a picture from Welzies recent show at Wyland Haleiwa. Sorry it's not that good of one... That's Christie Shinns art on the wall to the right. She's one of our favorite artists. Give her a google if you've never heard. -Carl 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tuna Tuesdays

We're working on a pretty cool yellow fin tuna right now. 
My friends tell me it would be about a 100 pounder in real life. 
All I know tho is all those fins were a bitch to sand! But the finished product is well worth it. Hopefully we'll get a chance to shoot a gloss tonight. That will really make the colors pop! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving sunset

Awesome shot I took thanksgiving evening. We hope all of you out in cyberville had a wonderful one! 
How's this shot of Honolua we pulled down from instagram? One of the best shots of a woman surfer we've seen in a while... We might be a bit biased but who cares :)
Another CA noserider heading off to Virginia. So shiney! 
Welzie's always got something going. This is my current favorite! -Carl 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

We're still Kick'n

Everybody keeps asking what happened to us! We didn't realize how many people followed us on this here blog... We got so used to instagram that we figured that the world had moved to that medium with us. But fear not, we've got a blogger app installed on our phones now so it should be a bit easier to keep this place updated. We'll try our hardest! For those of you who have instagram, you can find us @two_crows_surfboards and also @shapeyshapey (Carl) and @welzie_art (Welzie). Tune back in later for more! -Carl