Friday, September 30, 2011

Airport Adventures

"What was that?"
"Are we running out of gas"
"If we were running out of gas we would probably be done by now"
"Fuck I hope this thing doesn't break down"
put... put ....poof.... put ....put...
We pull of at the Millilani Mauka exit, sweating, hoping the Freestyle will come through. It doesn't. At the light the new company van dies....pooof.
I had just picked up Carl from the airport in my new 89 Ford Econoline. Packed with surfboard supplies and tools we head back to the North Shore, planning a stop in Wahiwa to get blanks for all the orders.
"Good thing you put our logo on the van Welzie" Carl says sarcastically as we push the van through the intersection. We realize we can't push it up the hill any further, or was it because I ran the wheels into the curb. 
Nothing like being stuck in an un-registerd van, holding up the lane. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping a cop doesn't get too curious. Carl runs off to the nearest gas station. I'm sitting in the van trying to figure out how to turn the hazard lights on.
Holding the gas can over his head like he won the Tripple Crown, Carl arrives with a gallon of gas. We drain the can.
Carl makes some stupid remark about how I need to keep track of the milage because the gas gauge doesn't work.
No shit.
I had topped off the tank yesterday and only drove to town. She must be a gas guzzler. I give 40$ to the cashier. We pump. Over flow. Turns out there is a gas leak in the tank. It only holds 5 gallons. That's 40 miles. 
We hit up Wahiwa to see our friend Andy, the coolest blank dealer this side of the Mississippi. We all talk some shit, making fun of each other for just about anything.
I love it. I had called a week or so earlier to see what blanks they got, there wasn't much so we made an order, but it would be a few weeks before the blanks would arrive. I didn't want to tell Carl but I was a bit nervous about the blank situation. Calling a few days earlier, the other worker told me there was 2 longboard blanks, one of which with yellow foam.
We take the tour looking for anything long and green foam. There is. A bunch of it. So stoked. Had there not ben foam we would have been out of luck. Shit out of luck. No shaping, no glassing, nothing. 
No Crows.
We make a huge pile of blanks we need and fill the van. Enough flam-able supplies in the thing to make another crater in the Islands. Highs and lows. It's just how you handle them. Whatever happens at that moment, that's what your doing. Go with it. 
Confidence while blowing it.
Comfortably uncomfortable. 
Conveniently inconvenient.
You won't have any stories if you don't take a chance. Freestyle or Style Free.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surfboard Samples

Here is some pics of the boards, I just put these together for the new site, but I liked them so I thought I would throw them up. Enjoy -nick

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some More Welzie Art and Shirts

Here is a better photo of the shirts, thanks to those who have ordered. The beers have been flowing! its hard to order shirts online without an actual photo. but here is one being worn. 

These pieces of fART are from the driveway series. The "u r forking crazy" piece came out a crow who was chasing groms around the Malibu Inn last month. The Kung Fu Chicken was inspired by my friend Robbadosha who kills chickens at the Fogline Farm. I figured he needed to see one fight back. The "Go Slow" is a saying we have been using with riding logs. Go slow........

A couple 3 color Freestyle boards finished

Here is an example of some 3 color freestyle action we were doing a week or so in the shop. They came out pretty nice we are stoked on them.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Taking Orders.....

We are taking orders out here in Hawaii again. Contact us via email or phone at or 808 931 0845

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Over The Rainbow

"Hey scoot over Grizzly!" I said to the guy sitting in the seat next to my reserved 45G on the flight back to Oahu. He looks up confused "What the Fuck?"
Its my old room-mate C toff. We lived together at the sunset house together for a while a hand-full of years ago.
Small world.
We chat it up most the flight catching up on the last few years that we hadn't seen each other. Viva La Freestyle.

So that's how my day began, and it got better. Living a freestyle life has its rewards, but there is some moments where questioning it can lead to a pretty style free feeling. The night before we were smashing beers with the Olsens, running a usual muck, when Carl asked "You getting a van or what?!"
I realized I hadn't made a move yet and the one van I liked never called me back. With a team of Iphoners we found one that could be perfect. I called in a cross-eyed state and it seemed to be a my only van lead when I arrive. My plans were to get back on the North Shore with a van, all ready to go.
Things were happening.
After a ricketty teast ride in town I make it out to Ewa to check the 89 Econoline. "Keys on the seat, take it for a spin" He said over the phone, he was at work.
I love hawaii.
After being gone for 10 months it was a bit nerve racking to see the Sugar Mill again. So much time and energy spent there. I can smell the resin as I turn into the shop at Charlie's. He's Glassing. With a Mask. Good job Charlie. He is up to his elbows in resin so I take a bit of time poking around. Everything is new and everything is the same.
Its good to see Charlie. I had been working with him for 8 years. I love working with the guy. He is freestyle guru status. A quiet genius. We catch up while he bakes a board in the sun to make it kick. Putting his nose to the freshly lammed board like a fine wine. A 2011 Solar Laminating Resin,  from a five galloner, a good year.
A lot has changed in the mill and everyone seems to be busy and stoked. Good vibes, I like it. Sounds like there is waves so I head to my old house on Ikuwai. No one is home so I grab a little board with no leash and wax. Ooops. Its six feet out front and the sun is setting. I see my old roommate on the wall drinking a beer, catching the last bit of sunset. We quickly catch up before I jump out in the water. Warm.
I love it.
Home again.
I spend most the surf duck diving and getting sets on the head. Its getting dark. I catch a few insiders and head in. Back at the house, it is beautiful. It is amazing what 3 girls can do to a place. Or was it what 1 guy did to a place? The girls all go to yoga, I go get beer. Taking the Mosquito moped to Foodland was a bit sketchy at night, I have been gone long enough to not know where the new potholes are.
I gasp as I see the Foodland beer prices. I might have to get a part time job. I manage to sneak in and out pretty smoothly with only seeing a few friends. The guy who pulls in behind me in line turns out to be a fellow board builder Mike. We chat. There is work around. Winter is coming. A board builders gold rush. Its like crab fishing in Alaska. Seasonal. Functional.
The girls come back from yoga and we trade stories over beers and wine. I am the luckiest man on the planet. I am able to do exactly what I want to be doing when I want to. I get to be creative with my work and expected to change. I am surrounded by beautiful people in a beautiful place.
Viva La Freestyle...It works

here is some art that came out of the art day time lapse video. Ill post more soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Waylon's paintings

It, been a fun last couple of days. Carl and I have been doing some different stuff both on the clouds of shaping dust and the fumes of the tomb. Picked up a batch of two crows shirts and got the packages ready. We celebrated Carl and Waylon's sisters arrival from Oahu with few beers. Turns out Waylon has been making some cool art, he is the last guy you would suspect to be a sick diggler of doodlers. I was able to snap off a few shots of the creativity before he blushed. Here they are above.... -nick

Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to Project time

After beer soaked weekend in Malibu we were back in the shop monday night changing booze for resin fumes. Poor Carl's email is filling up with orders while I get to play with pretty colors like a five year old in the glassing room. The new 3 color freestyle is looking pretty cool and I can't wait to post some pictures as soon as they are done. Spending the most of the last 3 days working on code of my latest creative blunder  I was pretty pumped to launch it yesterday afternoon. With all our larger projects out of the way it's time to get artsy again, maybe I'll grow a little girl haircut and wear too tight of jeans before I finish my resin paintings. Or put on a v-neck and mascara as I work on my piece for the O'neil wetsuits art show in Feb. Nah, a strong black cup of coffee will do just fine.-nick

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MSA here we came

"Man I gotta pee! Can you pull over soon?"  I'm snapped out of the steady drum of Bettys engine, back into reality. A reality that consists of a certain crow friend of mine, a car that took 20 minutes and a prayer to start at the last gas stop, and a half finished 18 pack of Coores Light that this particular crow picked up at said gas stop. He's been whittling through it for the last couple hours and it's finally made it to the other side of his digestive system. 
      I ponder the options. One is to keep driving, tell him to forget it and see what happens. Two is to mention the idea that he could piss out the window of the car as we drive down through the fine city of Oxnard. Option three, convince him that urinating back into an empty beer can or one of the water bottles is logical. Visualizing all this I realize that all three options will in fact result in piss all over the car and probably myself. Considering the fact that showing up at Malibu smelling like piss is just a little too style free for me... I pull over. I leave the car running as he jumps out of the car and slinks over to a darkened area of the parking lot that we just pulled into. I knock the dash for good luck and start counting backward from 60.
     14...13... "Dude you know what I was thinking? We could probably...." I rev the engine a little to pick up his pace as he comes hopping out of the darkness. Betty is always ready to get back on the road, in fact she seems to fight every time I put the brakes on, pulling on the reins like a wild horse that doesn't want to be broken. I pat the steering wheel slightly and we pull out, back onto the PCH en route to Malibu. 
      Waylon's already there. He's sitting on the tailgate of his truck with his girlfriend next to him as we pull up, his camp is already set up. Welzie falls out of the car, empty cans clanging on the ground. It's midnight and the parking lot at Malibu is quiet, with only a few campers daring to sit out the parking lot for the night. Not knowing if they're ticketing the lot for camping is part of the game. Malibu roulette, either way it's still cheaper than a hotel room. I fish around for a beer out of what's left of the 18ner and start dreaming about bed.
      Waking up in the parking lot is always the same story. Car alarms going off, nonstop chatter of anxious competitors preparing for battle, old guys talking story and the clatter of groms skateboarding up and down the length of the lot. This morning though, Nick rips the door open, yells "WAKE UP CARL!" and then slams it shut again. I should have left him at that Oxnard pee stop. If only he didn't move so quick. Like usual he's all fired up. I wonder if he ever sleeps. It's Friday morning,  the sky is grey & the waves are total crap. 1 foot and gutless. We don't care. Being surrounded by friends from all over the state and other parts of the country is more than enough of a blessing to kick our spirits in high gear. By noon Welzie has liberated 2 30 packs of CL from the local shopping center and they're on ice. I realize arguing with him about bringing the cooler was a good idea, he's filled it to the brim, probably just to spite me. Most of the team advances through their first round heats and realizes with work over, hanging out in the parking lot and on the beach is the most of their problems.
     Pedro Point has tequila up at their base and it's only a a shouting distance away from our Camp. The smack talking picks up with the alcohol consumption. These are seasoned competitors, they can take it just as well as they put it out. The younger ones are the most vulnerable targets. Women can be harsher than the men, and any insecurity you have is in the cross hairs. It toughens you, builds camaraderie and is fuel for a steady stream of laughs. 
    Welzie can't stop talking about skateboard contests. There's going to be one in the parking lot tomorrow. He gets ideas and focuses on them until the world caves and does his bidding. Relentless. We're walking our way back from dinner at La Salsa and I'm thinking about the day, my stomach filled with way too much Mexican food. Sometimes it's the simple days with nothing to do that brings you the most in touch with life. The clouds parting to reveal the sun, endless free snacks, cold beer and impromptu skate offs. Surfing in 2 foot mush but the waters warm and you're surrounded by old friends. Life is grand. 
     Alpine star has parked their lame RV overlooking the parking lot. And locked the doors... Welzie wants in. He mentioned something to Donnie about wanting to park it out in the lineup. We're watching from a distance while he paces around it like a hungry Racoon. The driver appears. There will be no RV in the line up at Malibu in the morning. Everyone boos loudly. The Racoon slinks away, reappearing next to the beer cooler.
    Saturday starts with rain drops threatening us. Plopping loudly against the window of the car, I respond by wrapping the covers around myself tightly and pretend that I don't have to get up. I don't have to get in my wetsuit. I don't have to put on a jersey and surf in 6" windblown slop, with a panel of 6 judges determining if I'm surfing better or worse than the other 5 suckers in the water with me. Damn it. I make a crack decision and decide to ride Waylons 12' paddle surfer. He rips on it. I don't. With its massive rail line and low profile fin, I can barley keep it going in a straight line. But it will catch a 6" wave. My noserider won't. 
      3 minutes into my heat the first set comes. The 12'er was a bad call. The other guys in the water begin shredding me to pieces. I'm done for by the first 5 minutes. I'm laughing... wins are just a good as looses when you're a freestyler. 100 dollar T-shirt, thank you very much. The crew doesn't hold back as I walk up the beach. Loose in 6 place, loose with grace. Bloody Marys are waiting at the car.
       Welzie's got a full blown skateboard competition going in the parking lot. Probably 20 kids. There's yellow tape up, an impromptu judging stand. In his world he's the only judge. I'm not sure if he's building an army out of the groms or if it's just a harmless contest. Either way- everyone is stoked. As long as he doesn't give away that 5 hundy cash I have stashed away for emergencies we'll be fine. Telling him about that was foolish. It's enough to at least get him to the border. Probably his exit strategy. Shit.
     The suits were Welzies idea. I feel stiff in mind. He wears his with the same attitude he wears his board shorts in Hawaii. Clanking his way down the Kam highway on his beat ass cruiser with a 10' gun under his arm. Screw it. 
      The party is happening, for some reason I have a tab going. The waiter is very attentive, I realize around the 5th beer that it's the suit. In L.A. they take this stuff seriously, I like it. People are impressed by the attire. 
I'm talking to everyone about everything. At some point I see Welzies Sunglasses hanging on a pretty blond. His Jacket's at another's table. He's nowhere to be found. I flash back to the five hundy and do a quick audit of all car keys. I find him dancing. With a blond. He's on a roll, I smile in approval. 
      Alone, I close out my tab. Everyone has slipped off to their respective sleeping areas. Jack in the Box is along the way. It's bad but so good. I make my way back to the lot. Nick's there. No jacket, no sunglasses. No blond. He's smashed, and cratering. The crew in the lot grows to 12 loud people around the car. Silently I apologize to our neighbors... it's how it goes though. I feel no remorse as we tackle the remaining beers and a bit of vodka left over from the morning. The wrestling match is my cue to join my girlfriend in her SUV. Luckily it's parked in falling distance from Betty, Nicks' already asleep.
     Hungover, we stay just long enough to watch our Queen Bee, Cathy Mayerhofer take the win in the Senior Womens final. She never looses, not by my judging. Packing up the car, we sell our logs to members of the Hawaiian team. Sad to see my board go, it was a good one. After picking up the 40 or so beer cans littered under the car and a little wrenching on the starter motor we hit the road. Welzie rolls a joint for one. It's twice the size that one for two would be. RVs, skate contests and Hawaii fill the conversation home. 
I smile. Welzie might be a pain in the ass... but he never gets boring. -Carl 

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Hangover Crowtest from two crows on Vimeo.
The Two Crows Hangover Crowtest is ON! Its been 2 months since our last Malibu Mission so it's pretty crazy to launch the site at the place where we cam up with the idea, and being extremely bloody mary hungover at the same time. The Contest is on. This thing is brand new so work with us on getting some videos on there. Plus you got a chance to win a new Freestyle board from Two Crows thats a pretty good deal.

Lets Celebrate!

Friday, September 9, 2011


We packed up Black Betty and headed down to Malibu for the MSA contest. Sporting suits for the drive down, we pulled into the parking lot late night for some beers and stories of small waves. The boys made it through there heats no problem, but don't surf again till the morning. The barking dog in the parking lot got shut up pretty quick after he enjoyed his taste if ire-ness. We call him stoney now. 

more to come...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Website Video

We made a new video for Two Crows. The extended version will be coming soon.

Two Crows Surfboards from two crows on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boards looking sick and Heading to the BU

The boards we have been working on are looking good, freestyle seems to be always evolving. We have some new boards we are taking down to Malibu tomorrow for the contest. 4 boards for sale so come by Black Betty and check em out if you see us in the parking lot.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lowrider Video

This is a video we made a while ago of the Lowrider model. We had it posted on YouTube, but the audio was not working. It was also deep in our website so it wasn't very easy to get to. If you havent seen it here you go. If you have then good for you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Crowvolution

Check out some stylee surfing from these guys.

2 crows surfboards makes cover of SURFER magazine!

Check out the 2 crows on the cover. Two Crows getting the cover shot of Surfer Magazine... nice

Friday, September 2, 2011

Funny Find

Our friend Matt saw this posted somewhere and took a picture of it. It is pretty Hilarious. You might have to click on the picture to read it more clear.

Glassing Photos

Waves have been pumping here in Santa Cruz... going surfing....