Monday, April 30, 2012

Big Stick Logjam

The Big Stick Logjam was this weekend. Classic boards, beautiful waves, perfect weather... pretty much doesn't get any better. Good to see all our friends from socal coming up to start off the summer contest circuit. 
Here's a couple photo galleries if you're interested, Santa Cruz Waves and City Fog blog

Couple of our riders did well, even though they had to drag out the old logs to compete. 
Rachel Graham, 2nd Place womans.

Barrett Hegerle, 3rd Place Jr. Mens.

Also a big congrats to Hanna from WindanSea (San Diego's prominent longboard club) for winning the board we donated to the raffle. Stoked to see the board go to a stoked grom! -Carl 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two New boards for Surf Garage

Here is pics of the two new boards we just finished up for Surf Garage.  This one below is our midrange model in a 9'2

Nice purple and creme 9'4 Yard Stick

I saw Toru from Surf Garage had a flyer for noseriding championship in the Freedom Surf Contest. Two Crows will buy a 30 Pack for the winner!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The First

I found these pics going through some old folders. These boards in the pictures are the first Color into color boards I did. Somehow I managed and email link to the lady who was incharge of getting surfboards made for the NFL Pro Bowl players to sign and auction off. One for each team. ChaaaChing. I doodled up a little drawing and got the gig. The scammer in me figured i would get a couple shaper friends of mine to shape the boards for free to get to be "apart" of this. So i did the colorwork, yelling to charlie for help as I nearly bothced the whole things. I wanted to do classic Pipe Single Fins with a big area for the signatures of the teams. Thinking it was a good idea I decided to do the two logos in resin. Opps. it was alot of work.
Anyway, the boards went for over 4k  each. I got not much out of that at all, well, I did get to meet the mayor.

Here is the Drawings of the idea I gave them. It is amazing what you can get away with sometimes if you just ask, or act like you know what your doing.

This was on NFL

Notice the selling Price? All the players from each team signed the boards.

This shot cracked me up. Here is me and my buddy Ant. We showed up to the press conference the mayor had for the pro bowl thingy. Fuck Ant and I got so baked on our way down to town. Two stoned ass kids who make boards heading to a NFL press conference. Notice the jacketts we were sporting? That was my lucky shirt for about 5 years after this shot.

We were cracking up in the elevator in this nice hotel trying to find the conference room. The hotel was real nice and had reflective gold siding in the elevator. We took one look at ourselves and started cracking up histaricolly. The doors opend, and as were crying lauging so hard we look to see everyone for the press conference was bunched infront of the elevator door trying to get in the doors the where it all was going down. Everyone went silent and looked at us.
"this is a private event sir"
"were the guys who made the boards"
the security guy went from dick to still a security gaurd.
"right this way then"
Were in.
Free lunch, schmooz with the mayor and give him some surfboard builder health care ideas. flirt with the cheerleader (if being really awekward is flirting)

it all went by in a moment but I will remember those first color into color boards I did forever.

Anyway, the boards went for over 4k  each. I got not much out of that at all, well, I did get to meet the mayor.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thinking Harder Than Usual

It has been so busy in the fume tomb the last few days I have only stopped moving to sleep. Japan got pushed up a week so we can do an additional art show with Heather Brown at the Greenroom gallery. So now I pretty much have less than 10 days to get 12 more boards finished and ready to ship, as well as getting all the paintings done. Easy. I love deadlines. Usually my best work comes when I got a little pressure.

We came across this page for the Greenroom Festival. Pretty cool seeing our picture under Dick Brewer. We have been trying to get to Japan for the last few years. This January we decide we were going no matter what. Within a week we got invited to this festival and the doors started opening up. Konichiwa!

This pretty much sums up my current state. I pretty much have to be as efficent as possible in order to get everything done. If you can't read it it says "Please no disturb thinking harder than usual."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Two Crows Fins, Hats, Art

Sorry that we've been off the radar for the past few days. A lot has been happening at the Two Crows Hawaii shop!

More fins! Black and white 50/50 splits...

Yup, we've finally got midrange fins. :)

New "dot" hat style

Nick's been doing a lot of art lately, preparing for multiple shows

I really liked this one personally. Too bad it's already sold!

Of course there's lots of boards going through also. Too many to show all in one post. More tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Greenroom Festival

We're heading to the Greenroom Festival in Japan. Taking a pile of boards and art with us. 

It's crunch time around the shop, not a lot of spare time, but lots of cool stuff going on.

Some of the recent freestyle

 The Coors sign has really added to the atmosphere of the shop
 Got home late last night, but we were able to use the headlights of the van for a night time pellet gun competition
Of course it got ridiculous. Here's Nick aiming for the shot of the night, wearing the official Coors light shooting helmet.
Nailed it. Time to get back to work. :)  -Carl

Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to town

We took a trip to town Saturday morning to get supplies. 
If you want an adventure, just stop putting gas in your tank. Well, either that or just don't fix your gas gauge. 
We missed the gas station by about 50 feet. As in we drove 50 feet past it before the Van died. Nick says the Van only runs out of gas when I'm around...

We brought Toot's new board with us. The stealth bomber and some Two Crows shwag

Cruising through the streets near Waikiki going surfing

After a long surf at Queens we ended up back at Toot's house. Turns out he's an insane cook and fed us like Kings! Thanks dude

After a few too many, driving back to country just wasn't going to happen

Back to work Sunday. Those resin drums aren't very light, I should probably be helping...

Pretty awesome purple and white board for Surf Garage

Toots found this for us. Pretty much our number one favorite possession now. It's up in the Lam room now. Thanks again! -Carl

Friday, April 13, 2012

Two Days

We got the video camera charged up for the first time in a bit and kept in on till the battery wore out. Here is what went on.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coffee and Bong Hits

Welzie must have had some flashbacks to last June because somehow he's procured a new Winchester pellet rifle... We've been having some serious target practice tangents... nothing like starting off the morning  and ending the day with some with some can shooting.
After a bit of a late start this morning we got to work, where Nick's got a bunch of new art being started... lam room studio
Don't know where we're going to put the boards... :) 
But don't ask me... I just shape here.
Pretty sweet board for Rayna finished up today 
Toot's all black, sanded finish noserider is also ready to go... the white gunk on it is just sanding dust. Better picture of it tomorrow.
btw if you've never checked out Coffee and Bong hits... Picture of the day sums it up, check it out! :) -Carl 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Crows Surfboards taking orders!

We've got a couple open slots in our April batch... If you're thinking about ordering a board, now's the time! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stony 2012

A couple new boards getting finished up, and a few more to come this week. Here is a couple Mini Simmions.

With all the little extra colors of resin I decided to paint behind my wall racks. Its pretty rare the glassing racks get empty so I had to jump on the option.

Doodling around on the walls...

With Carl landing Ill be neck deep in resin in a matter of hours. Keeping busy I made 15 new boxes for some more resin paintings. The extra resin has to go somewhere right?

This is classic. "Stone" is the name of Drew Toonz's character in his animations of the North Shore. Drew has been gone for a bit, but you know he's back when you see something like this appear on the factory wall.