Wednesday, August 31, 2011

board for sale

we got this one finished yesterday, its a Biscayne model  9'6" single fin logger. Its for sale so if your interested email us at or come by the Hotline wetsuits swap meet this weekend over on swift street.

Friday, August 26, 2011

art day time lapse

It's hard to always be experimenting with resin techniques on surfboards. Sometimes it's better to get some practice in on some wood before executing new ideas. We had some sun yesterday, so I thought I would do some resin R and D. Ill finish up the paintings today and post up some photos when I get them. - nick

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No Waves Blues

The waves have been pretty small the last few days. Boooo. God for getting work done though. We got an order of shirts coming our way, the new Two Crows video is looking good and boards are slowly moving forward in the shop. We had a big day on Monday, a few friends meet up in the morning to check the surf with coffee. The beans turned into beers pretty quick and the stock prices of Coors Light rose higher than a laminator with no mask. -nick

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Simmions, Suits, and Surfboards

Its been a pretty good week for us, Waylon gave Carl a Two Crows screen so we can print some shirts for the next trip down to Malibu. Carl shaped a mini Simmions yesterday which I got to throw some color on and the board were making for one of our customers is looking pretty good. We got some hats to paint on as well, and the downloading of all our footage has begun. If I didn't spend the last few nights skulling beers we would probably have a fortune 500 company, but beer just taste too dam good.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Wave Ever

This is a pretty stoney video of Travis Anthony and Myself down in Scorpion Bay Mexico a long time ago. Probably the best wave of my life. 3 friends drinking beers and surfing. I need to get back down there it has been too long. -nick

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

boards boards boards

Here are some boards we just finished out of the shop. These were some of the ones we did up in the bush at area 51. A lady log, Copy Cat, and CA noserider. Hopefully we will be back in the shop this week, glassing some boards and what not. We'll see if the shaper decides he has to get back down to earth and get into the shaping room. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Need some bathroom reading? Check out Coffee and Bong Hits by yours truly. It's no work of art, but it can always be used to start a camp fire or something.
I've been hanging out in Santa Cruz for the last few days and its always good to be back. Good food and better friends. The shop is stacked with boards and we got a couple cameras now so there should be some more board making videos going on. I want to make a minni simmons or something like that, what do you think? any requests for a board project out there?

Friday, August 12, 2011

crowked leash loops

Im back in Santa Cruz! A bit colder than the Maldives, but a good change of pace. Carl and I finished a 18 pack of Coors Light last night as we discussed our plans to take over the world. We got a lot in the works right now with a few things that will should be pretty cool. We are headed to the shop later today to take some photos of all the new boards, the best one being the BB Gun target for sure. This is a quick video we put together to show off the happy accidents of crooked leash loops, nothing fancy but the loops look pretty cool when they are done. -nick

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Good Die Young

I got some fun logging waves the other day at one of the souther atolls, no one out with just our crew on it. My log has terminal cancer and I don't expect here to live much longer. She has spent her whole life in the sun, in the back of my truck or out on the boat. She has made it through 13 different airports over the last 8 months, all with out a board bag or a single fixed ding. The nose has a massive crack that is only held together by tape, and the tail is so dinged up it is pretty much a diamond tail. The board has treated me well. It is the best log i've ridden. I am at a bit of a crossroads at the moment on what to do with her. Let her die slowly bit by bit, strip her of her glass and let the locals here in the Maldives use the foam to make a new board or take here back with me and store it under the house as a time capsule. Decisions decisions. - nick

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

freestyle ding repair

Some freestyle ding repair in the Maldives on board the Nautilus One.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New boards!

A couple of sweet boards just got finished up at the shop. Lots of boards getting finished up over the next few days, I'll be posting them up here. First we have a little 5'10" that shows what the crows look like when they are finished up as a clear- normal shortboard style. This particular board is a quad. Perfect for a shortboard "step-down" during summer. 

 This Mini-Simmons is actually more of a "Mid-Simmons"'s 6'4" 23" wide. Made for Tim, owner of Pizza my Heart. It's 3 1/4" thick made for a bigger guy to have some effortless fun this summer. I've been riding these things lately, so hooked! :) -Carl